Blind Rivets, Blind Rivet Nuts, Tooling



Standard Blind rivets to DIN 7337:
- Dome Head
- Large Head
- Countersunk
All available in Aluminium/Steel, Steel/Steel, Stainless/Stainless, Aluminium/Aluminium,
Monel/Steel, Copper/Steel, Copper/Bronze
- Peel rivets
- Triform
- Hammerdrive
- Grooved
Available in Aluminium/Steel, Aluminium/Aluminium

Multi-Grip rivets to DIN 7337:
- Dome Head
- Large Head
Available in Aluminium/Steel, Steel/Steel, Stainless/Stainless

Sealed rivets
- Dome head
- Large head
- Countersunk head
Available in Aluminium/steel, Aluminium/Aluminium, Aluminium/Stainless, Steel/Steel,
Copper/Steel, Stainless/Stainless and Copper/Stainless
Rivets offered in colours to the RAL, Pantone and BS ranges.
Structural rivets:
- Monobolts
- Magnalocks
- Lockbolts

Solid and semi-tubular rivets available on request

Blind Rivetnuts:
- Reduced Countersunk head
- Countersunk head
- Flat head
Available in Half hex, Full hex and round body styles. Materials include Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

We offer a comprehensive range of manual and pneumatic tools for setting rivets, rivetnuts and lockbolts. We also supply spares and a repair service.

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